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About Us

Pacific Commerce is a global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to the military, foodservice and hospitality industries. We service a large network of overseas distributors who cater to a growing community of American ex-pats, and supply our US military troops at home and abroad.

With a large distribution network built up over decades, we provide our vendors with access to niche markets and incremental business they might otherwise miss.

Our goal today is the same as it has always been: to offer the best terms, the best pricing, and the best service possible to our trusted business partners throughout the world.

Market Segments


For over forty years, Pacific Commerce has worked to establish a reliable distribution channel around the world. Today, families in many countries are able to enjoy the familiar U.S. brands they know and trust.


We are a full-line distributor of portion-pack and snack items, distributing to airline catering companies around the world.

Cruise Lines

We make sure our partners in the cruise line industry are stocked with the products their customers demand.


Our company supplies the United States Armed Forces with a full line of food products, both at home and abroad.


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